AI astrology matchmaking app

From Self-Love to Soulmates

In an era of progressive Aquarius where mental health awareness is more crucial than ever, a new matchmaking app, Gemini Near Me is making waves by emphasizing the importance of self-love as the foundation for meaningful connections.

This innovative platform combines the wisdom of astrology, numerology and relationship coaching proprietary techniques from relationship specialist Iryna Wood to guide users on a journey of self-discovery and love.  


Discover a new world of online dating tailored for a new generation.

What Makes Us Different?

Iryna Wood guides you through relationship topics to help you understand what you are truly looking for in a partner. TALK TO YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU START TALKING TO OTHERS. Building a foundation of self LOVE is the start before you can open up to true love.

Our NEW VIDEO FORMAT allows users to answer 12 questions by recording your true self.

New Video Format

We provide 12 Relationship questions and ask our users to answer as truthfully as you can, record your answers, and get ready to meet your “written-in-the-stars” prospective matches. NOBODY WANTS TO BE CATFISHED!

Chat Connections

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Decide where you’d like to be discovered.

Profile Sharing

Gemini Near Me is the only app where you can share a profile. Help your friends find their Destiny.

I love how Gemini Near Me uses Astrology to connect zodiac signs. It’s like the app really knows what I'm looking for in a match. Super intuitive and fun – it's my go-to dating app now!
- Mia / Age:22
Gemini Near Me is more than just swiping right or left. The app digs deep into astrological compatibility and it's super fun to see how accurate it is. Found my astrological soulmate here!
- Ethan / Age: 26
This app is a Gen Z dream! The features aren't just smart; it's like a wise astrologer in your pocket. It matched me with someone who's not only my zodiac sign match but also shares my love for meme culture!
Min / Age 26
Learning to LOVE myself before opening up to someone else really helped me understand who I am meant to be with.
Sophia / Age 28